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OxyTurf – Cape Town Stadium

Beauchamp Retief Head Groundsman at Cape Town Stadium says a few words on the value contribution OxyTurf has made to the sportsturf.

“Hi Im Beauchamp Retief from DHL Stadium in Cape Town. I’ve been using OxyTurf for a while now. It helps with soil profile clearing and with vigorous growth and uptake of nutrients in the soil. Especially for breakdown of thatch and organic matter in the soil. Definitely a highly recommended product.”

🌱 OxyTurf supplies slow release life-sustaining oxygen to your sports turf soils..

🌬️ One of the most important elements affecting plant performance is the amount of oxygen in the soil.

🌿 The physiological functions of plants, such as the uptake of nutrients and water as well as respiration, are impacted by the temporal reduction in its concentration.

🌍 OxyTurf improves the physical characteristics of the soil, including its texture and structure, conditioning, pore size distribution, tortuosity, and connectedness, all of which have a significant impact on how easily oxygen diffuses through the soil.

👨🌾 OxyTurf supports the biological plant respiration, the respiration of microorganisms, and redox reactions in the soil all of which are biological processes that are involved in the dynamics of soil oxygen utilisation.

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