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Mining & Industrial

Mining & Industrial

Industrial Water Treatment

OxyFlow is a unique, patented plant extract product that is applied for the reduction and prevention of scaling, bio-fouling, algae growth and systematic clogging.

Treatment Successfully Reduces

Calcium (Ca) Iron (Fe)
Phosphorus Magnesium (Mg) Copper (Cu)
Nitrate TDS (limited) Manganese (Mn)
Ammonia TSS Zinc (Zn)
Arsenic (As) FOG Aluminium (Al)


Common Conditions Treated

Bio-Fouling Scale Deposits Algae Growth
Sediment Build-up Fat Oil and Grease Clogging Iron Oxide Deposits
Organic Clogging



Cooling Towers Cooling Systems Scrubber Systems
Piping systems Process Plants Drain Systems
Fat traps Storm Water Systems Irrigation Systems
Systems where systematic clogging occur Restaurant and Hotel Effluents

Heat Exchanger & Cooling Tower Flush

Application Pic’s