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OxyCure Dam Algae Treatment

Metropolitan Golf Club – Dam Algae Treatment

OxyCure successfully reduced the algae blooms in the Metropolitan Golf Club irrigation dams. The algae was reduced to the point where it was no longer visible on the surface of the dams, over a three month period after only three applications.

OxyCure, combined with SludgeBuster (a fibre product), releases dissolved oxygen into the water. It also releases enzymes and positive digestive organisms to balance the nutrients in the water and bring the water back to its original ecological cycle.

The product is completely harmless to plants, fish and any other water life. In the case of the Metropolitan Golf Club, they have numerous fish species in these dams.

“Metropolitan Golf Club had major issues with algae in our irrigation dams. It blocked up the pump intakes daily and covered our dams on the course. The substrate of the dams was not at all visible. After 3 OxyCure applications, the problem was resolved, now we can see the fish in the dams. We will continue with maintenance treatment to keep the dam in this condition.”