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OxyAgri™ is applied to improve soil conditions and release low levels of dissolved oxygen in the soil profile.

OxyAgri™ provides a solution to anaerobic soil conditions and the symptoms thereof by releasing low levels of dissolved oxygen as part of a biological process. It reduces organics, de-compacts the soil profile and at the same time improves water and added nutrient percolation into the profile.

OxyAgri™ is applied to combat black layer, anaerobic conditions, slow root development, disease-infected soil and generally to assist with aeration.

OxyAgri™ is the perfect solution for Polly Tunnels where anaerobic conditions are common.


OxyAgri™ provides a solution to:

  • Anaerobic conditions
  • Black layer and algae
  • Compacted soil
  • Increase dissolved oxygen inside soil profile


OxyAgri™ is designed for: