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Sports & Turf

Sports & Turf

Sports And Turf Solution

OxyTurf is a unique, patented plant extract product that is applied to sports and turf systems.

OxyTurf is applied on turf systems to resolve specific conditions but mostly applied as part of a monthly spray program

OxyTurf is commonly used as the core of turf treatment programs.

Treatment successfully impacts

Black Layer reduction Activates Aerobic microbes and enzymes Recovery after cultural practices
Reduces anaerobic Conditions Reduces organic load Reduces disease and infections
Prevents water Logging Systematically breaks down thatch Reduces nutrient leaching
Reduces compaction Improves Nitrification Cycle Improves root development


Lawn systems Golf courses Sports fields & Stadiums
Horse Race Tracks Polo Fields Hybrid turf Systems
Artificial Turf Systems

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Dubai 7’s Rugby Stadium

Before After

Magalies Park Golf Estate

Before After


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